Writing an Argument Essay About Modern Technology

When writing an Argument essay about modern technology, you need to present your argument both from a scientific and logical standpoint. You should be able to give your complete agreement with the issue and also provide scientific proof to back your opinion. For example, if you write an argumentative essay on the social implications of brain-controlling technology, you would include the technology’s effects on neurons in the brain. You should also have comparative data to support your arguments.

Argumentative essay on modern technology

Modern technology has become an integral part of our lives and society. While some would argue that it is beneficial, others believe it has also brought about social isolation. This is especially true of the younger generation. Technology has changed the way children and adults interact with one another. However, technology also offers convenience and value.

An argumentative essay should address both sides of a topic. Both perspectives will help make the piece more compelling and show your knowledge of the subject. You should also cite your sources accurately and appropriately to make them credible. Once you have written the essay writing service, recheck it for errors. You can also refer to post-writing tips to improve your writing skills.

The conclusion should present your entire agreement or disagreement on the topic, including supporting scientific evidence. For example, you could give the social dangers of brain-controlling technology, emphasizing how these technological advances could affect neurons in the brain. You could also include comparative data about the technology’s potential to cause brain damage.

Body section

If you are writing an argumentative essay about modern technology, you must support your thesis statement with evidence. You will also need to consider the structural elements of the paper. It should begin with an introduction that provides the following:

  • Enough background information.
  • A body section containing relevant arguments.
  • A conclusion that summarizes the discussion.

You can begin the body section with a thesis statement, such as “Brain-controlling technology is dangerous for the human race.” In this section, you can argue for or against the thesis statement. For example, you can say that the risks of brain-controlling technology are not worth the potential damage to brain neurons. You can support this claim with scientific evidence and related data.

Remember to use transitions when drafting your argument essay writer to tie your ideas together. This is crucial to maintaining a logical progression of thought. For example, you want to summarise your previous idea before introducing your following statement. In addition, the body section should include evidence to support your claims.

The Body section of an argument essay about modern technology should follow a standard academic essay format. It should include an introduction, a thesis statement, two or three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each body paragraph should address a different idea and contain a topic sentence that explains why your readers should agree with your position. Ultimately, the body paragraphs will help support your arguments and address the opposing points of view. As long as you know your topic and understand the opposite side well, you should be able to write a convincing argumentative do my essay.


In the refutation section of an argument essay, you need to discuss the arguments for and against the topic. Generally, you will need to give scientific evidence supporting your position. For example, if you want to refuse brain-controlling technology, you should focus on the negative implications and present evidence to support your work.
Counterarguments can be compelling in the body of an essay, but they should not take up too much space and distract the reader from your main points. This type of essay should be written in a scholarly, formal tone to show that it is an attempt to refute an opposing view.

The structure of an argumentative technology essay should follow a standard academic essay format. It means starting with an introduction, presenting your arguments and counterarguments in body paragraphs, and concluding with a conclusion. Most argumentative essays are structured in five sections, but this structure can be altered to meet word limit restrictions or to cover the topic effectively. It is essential to present the arguments on both sides of the issue and provide counterarguments to demonstrate that you have thoroughly analyzed both sides of the debate.

In conclusion, while modern technologies claim to make the world a global village, they are causing people to lose contact with the real world. As such, they are making it harder to form meaningful relationships. They are also making us less physically present. As a result, many people have less time to devote to their jobs and devote their time to leisure.

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